Increase product velocity while reducing spend

LocalStack significantly speeds up your dev’s by reducing tedious wait time throughout their process. This means you can ship products faster, and with higher quality. All of this, while simultaneously reducing your AWS costs.

Powering the world’s best dev teams

Engineering hours won back

  • Survey’s show dev’s spend 21% of their time waiting due to slow processes. Take back that time!
  • Shift QA left with preview environments enabling them to begin feature testing long before the full application is pushed to QA.
  • Chaos engineering in the cloud got your blood pressure up? Automate it with low risk local tests. Region, Service, DNS, RDS cluster, and more failovers supported.
Faster Deployment
Reduced Failure Rates
Reduction in development and testing wait time

Significant AWS spend reduction

  • Run your AWS workloads locally in Dev, Staging, QA, Pre-prod, and CI/CD thereby cutting down a significant amount of AWS spend.

Get rid of cloud risk and complexity

  • VM’s left on overnight? Tough decisions about who gets cloud access? Security configuration soaking up time? These concerns disappear with a LocalStack local sandbox.
  • Onboard engineers rapidly with a full access LocalStack sandbox with virtually no security or cloud spend risk.
Powering the world’s best dev teams
“LocalStack has been a game changer in terms of development speed and efficiency for our team migrating our monolithic application to a serverless Node.js stack on AWS.”
Kevin Breton
VP of Engineering at KnowBe4
Faster deployment of AWS infrastructure locally and on CI.

LocalStack Enterprise

How much are your engineering hours worth?
We help you win them back in droves.

Let your developers run

It’s simple. Loading and testing the applications locally on their laptops, devs will see a time savings that is counted in hours, not minutes. This allows you to ship more products and faster.

Cut down your AWS bill

The cloud has brought enormous benefits, with this has come enormous costs as well. Cut down your AWS spend by allowing the developers to develop locally instead of on-cloud.

More bugs squashed before Production

With localstack enabling the devs to rapidly collaborate and ship locally, the QA team won’t have to hurry and wait anymore. They’ll have ample time to fully test the application as it’s being developed, rather than waiting for the big push to their environment.

Embrace Cloud simplicity with LocalStack

Constantly revising Cloud account access and configuration? These concerns go out the door with LocalStack. Your teams can set up a risk free, and cost free local sandbox to allow all devs full access to your application from day one when they start.

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