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Run Locally, Deploy Globally

Develop and test your AWS applications locally to reduce development time and increase product velocity. Reduce unnecessary AWS spend and remove the complexity and risk of maintaining AWS dev accounts.

Develop AWS Applications Locally
Use LocalStack as a drop-in replacement for AWS in your dev and testing environments.
Powering the world’s best dev teams

Increase Dev Productivity

Allow your developers to focus their time and effort where it counts by developing and testing locally. Nobody likes setting up sandbox accounts, cleaning up resources or constantly monitoring AWS dev spending.

“Our engineering team utilizes LocalStack to provide a complete, localized AWS environment where developers can build, test, profile and debug infrastructure and code ahead of deployment to the cloud.”
Rick Timmis
Head of Engineering at Xiatech
Faster deployment of AWS infrastructure locally and on CI.
No IAM Complication

Don't worry about IAM policies unless you really want to and enable or disable IAM enforcement however you need it. Have IAM policies generated on the fly and test your policies before hitting production.

Reduce Complexity

No dealing with complex permissions, or deciding who gets a cloud account anymore. Since everything runs locally these concerns disappear. Work across different branches without having to update your infrastructure every time.

Get Rid of Dead Time

No need to go grab a cup of coffee waiting for your infrastructure to deploy, load a complete stack with all its data quickly. Hot reload and debug your lambdas locally.

Risk free developer onboarding

Setup a local no-risk, no-cost sandbox to rapidly onboard developers into your stack. Dev and test your app as you wish, there’s no cloud spend when running locally.

“With LocalStack, we have been able to build & test our open-source CDF packages with much less reliance on cloud resources. It has reduced our cloud bill and improved our inner development loop speed!”
Janaka Abeywardhana
Co-Founder—CPTO at FABR
Faster deployment of AWS infrastructure locally and on CI.

More than just an Emulator

By emulating cloud services locally, LocalStack enables additional features and workflows that are not feasible on the cloud.

Seamless collaboration via Cloud Pods

Save and restore the state of your infrastructure and all its data in pods. Use these pods as templates, or stored work progress to be shared amongst the team to avoid any double work.

Isolate Test State

Decouple and isolate tests from global state in staging or test deployments. Don't worry about cleaning up manually after failed tests. Inspect the state before/during/after a test for advanced debugging.

Chaos Engineering

Quickly introduce errors and simulated latencies into your system to experiment and see how it behaves. Leverage controlled faults in integration tests.

Stack Insights

Gain valuable insights and discover patterns in how your team uses cloud services and resources. Discover lingering issues early before they surface.

Ephemeral Environments

Quickly spin up ephemeral environments in the cloud to replace dedicated staging setups.

Extend LocalStack

Extend LocalStack with your custom extension to facilitate specialized workflows or development needs. Quickly install some of the already provided extensions to speed up your work.

Loved by Developers

Backed by a large community and rooted in open source. Make cloud development more enjoyable by reducing some of the friction and wait times that sometimes come with it. Once tried, it's hard to go back to working without it.

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"After learning @localstack
and #Terraform I definitely now sleep better at night knowing that the chances of AWS causing me to declare bankruptcy is much lower."

Daniel A. Osarokutamwen

“You can save a lot of time in testing your IAC or application using LocalStack in your local environment instead of using the AWS Cloud environment.”

Ibrahim Timor

"Really nice experience using Localstack with Docker Compose. The Initialization Hooks in Localstack enable you to configure resources like Kinesis streams and DynamoDB before the app starts, all running locally with no significant code changes."

Matthew Barlow

"Thanks for building localstack, super happy with how it has made testing cloud components easier!"

Chinmay Naik

"I remember in one of my last project, when the team had to create a new AWS infrastructure setup, but we didn't have complete access to the client's resources or account. In that situation, we used LOCALSTACK, which saved us time by allowing us to pre-check resource creation and perform minimal tests. It was really very easy to get started in no time."

Abhishek Pandey

LocalStack Enterprise

How much are your engineering hours worth? We help you win them back in droves.

Let your developers run

It’s simple. Loading and testing the applications locally on their laptops, devs will see a time savings that is counted in hours, not minutes. This allows you to ship more products and faster.

Cut down your AWS bill

The cloud has brought enormous benefits, with this has come enormous costs as well. Cut down your AWS spend by allowing the developers to develop locally instead of on-cloud.

More bugs squashed before Production

With localstack enabling the devs to rapidly collaborate and ship locally, the QA team won’t have to hurry and wait anymore. They’ll have ample time to fully test the application as it’s being developed, rather than waiting for the big push to their environment.

Get rid of risk and complexity

Constantly revising Cloud account access and configuration? These concerns go out the door with LocalStack. Your teams can set up a risk free, and cost free local sandbox to allow all devs full access to your application from day one when they start.

Powering the world’s best dev teams
“LocalStack has been a game changer in terms of development speed and efficiency for our team migrating our monolithic application to a serverless Node.js stack on AWS.”
Kevin Breton
VP of Engineering at KnowBe4
Faster deployment of AWS infrastructure locally and on CI.

Use your favorite cloud development tools

LocalStack integrates nicely into your existing tooling. Native support in tools or thin wrappers allow you to use them without any additional setup or configuration.

80+ AWS Services

A drop-in replacement for AWS in your local development and testing environments.

Giving back

At LocalStack, we're 100% committed to supporting the community. We frequently contribute open source code, and support academic, student, or open source projects and non-profit/philanthropic organizations. If you have a project like this, please reach out to us! Here are some of the awesome projects we have supported with free subscriptions:        

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